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Eelectron Introduces New KNX Multi.Sensor Range

Eelectron is delighted to announce the availability of its KNX Multi.sensors range, a smart and reliable sensor series combining information on presence, brightness, humidity, temperature and sound. It effectively manages heating, cooling, lighting, shading control and room optimization with a flat compact design of just 8 cm diameter wide, which has already been awarded with the Design Plus award 2020.

Combining all those information the Eelectron KNX Multi Sensor complies with Leed®, Breeam® and Well® requirements for buildings. It also allows different functions along with presence detection, such as a occupants higher lighting comfort, closer to reality, thanks to brightness control and the ‘Circadian Rhythm’ logic.

The presence detector measures even the smallest movements and temperature differences, making it efficient in all situations. Furthermore the integrated sound sensor makes it is the ideal solution for rooms with areas not totally visible to the infrared sensor.

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