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Theben Announces Modular Weather Sensors for LUXORliving Smart Home Systems

Perfect for apartment blocks

The modular weather sensors from Theben allow several independent LUXORliving smart home systems to be connected to one shared weather sensor. This allows blinds, awnings and roller blinds in various LUXORliving systems to be controlled by a single weather station sensor, depending on the weather.

The LUXORliving M100 weather sensor can for instance be installed on the wall or roof of an apartment building. The detected weather data (temperature, rain, wind, brightness) are transmitted to one, or up to twenty LUXORliving M130 weather control centres for evaluation. From here, the LUXORliving smart home system of the individual residential unit receive their control commands. Thus, in each apartment, both the actions of individual blinds and the defined parameters for these participants can be individually determined.

Compared to a weather station for each individual LUXORliving system, Theben’s modular weather sensors considerably reduce equipment and installation costs. Also, the appearance of the building is not affected by several weather stations.

The weather sensor is designed as a combined sensor: Three light sensors provide reliable brightness measurement in three directions. The temperature sensor measures the outside temperature much more precisely than internal sensors. The sensitive rain sensor dries quickly after a shower thanks to heating. Furthermore, faulty switching, due to the misinterpretation of morning dew as rain, is excluded. The robust impeller anemometer measures the wind speed precisely in snow and frost conditions, even after many years, and thus ensures reliable retraction of the awnings in the event of approaching storms.

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