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DINUY Introduces 8-Channel Dimming Actuator

DINUY introduces its new and powerful 8-channel universal dimming actuator suitable for RLC+LED loads: LED lamps, incandescent and halogen lamps.

Capable of loads of up to 250W on each of the eight channels, incorporates two dimming technologies: leading and trailing edge. Both technologies can be selected via the parameterisation with the ETS.

Each channel can be controlled manually via the push buttons on the front, which allows the lamps to be checked without needing the ETS bus.

It has modular housing for DIN-rail mounting (8-fold) and different LEDs indicate the status of each channel as well as error messages. There is built-in protection against overload, short-circuit and over heating. The configuration of the device is performed via ETS5.


  • Phase-cut dimming technology, both leading and trailing edge, configurable by ETS parameter:
    • 230V dimmable LED Lamps.
    • 12V dimmable LED Lamps with Electronic transformer.
    • Incandescent and 230V Halogens.
    • Halogens with Electronic transformer.
  • The 8 channels can be configured as:
    • Independent channels: It allows to control the different output channels independently.
    • Sequencer: The 8 channels are controlled together at the same time with predefined sequences.
  • It incorporates a keyboard on its front that allows manual control of each of the channels.
  • Protected against overloads and short circuits. It incorporates heating protection with resettable operation.
  • It has an LED indicating error due to over-temperature or overload.
  • Modular housing (8 modules width), for DIN-rail mounting.
  • Programming and commissioning via ETS5 or later versions.
  • Built-in KNX Bus Coupler Unit (BCU).

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