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Overkiz and Somfy Present KNX Compatible Solutions at Light + Building 2020

Hall 9.1 Booth B20

Overkiz and Somfy will present their latest innovations for smart buildings and community residential homes at the 20th edition of the Light + Building trade fair taking place March 8-13, 2020, in Frankfurt.

Visitors will learn about connected solutions covering all families of products found in homes, including heating systems, lighting, doors and windows, security, access management, and voice control. These solutions are developed to make work easier for electricians and installers in the field and to ensure the comfort, security, and well-being of occupants within the home.

At a shared booth, Overkiz and Somfy smart home experts will showcase a never-before-seen solution that combines the Somfy’s smart gateway TaHoma DIN Rail customized by Overkiz, KNX technology, and the io-homecontrol, EnOcean, RTS, Zigbee, Z-wave, Wifi, and Bluetooth radio communication protocols. This new compatibility solidifies the commitment of the two companies to openness by ushering the wired world closer to the world of radio, through an all-new KNX module within the TaHoma DIN Rail box for new homes.

Among the 150 brands compatible with KNX, you can find equipment by B.E.G., Gira, Hager, Jung, Theben, Schneider Electric, and Siemens. Numerous other brands of radio communication equipment will also be on display, including Danfoss, Eberle, Micropelt, Osram, Philips Hue, Somfy, Thermokon, Velux, and many more!

Streamlining the work of electricians and installers

Installers and electricians often choose to invest in a turnkey solution, particularly thanks to Somfy’s TaHoma DIN Rail home automation box. Now, they can go even further by customizing their end-to-end solution with the Overkiz infrastructure.

Two demonstration kiosks will be available at the booth to let technicians try their hand at installing KNX products, in just three steps:

1 – The Tahoma® Configurator: Designed for electricians and installers and installed on a PC, the Tahoma® Configurator is used to set up and configure KNX products.

2 – The Tahoma® application: Also designed for electricians and installers, the Tahoma® application integrates settings from previously installed KNX products and radio products.

3 – The Tahoma® application: Designed for end users, the Tahoma® application lets users manage their products and also create and launch smart scenarios.

By choosing the flexibility, openness, and interoperability of Overkiz and Somfy products and services, manufacturers now have the means to enter the IoT market more easily, quickly deploy their connected solutions, simplify and streamline the work of technicians, and offer a new lifestyle to occupants of smart buildings.

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