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Airzone Presents its Full HVAC Integration Solutions at ISE 2020

• Airzone will present its HVAC integration solutions which enable control of multiple HVAC technologies from one single interface.

• Visitors of the Airzone booth (9-B120) at ISE 2020 could take home the latest Aidoo Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi/KNX Controller of Airzone FREE of charge to experience Full HVAC integration firsthand.

The HVAC control solutions company Airzone will be presenting at ISE 2020 between February 11-14 in booth 9-B120 to introduce their state-of-the-art solutions that integrates any HVAC system with the leading building management (BMS) and home automation (HA) systems seamlessly.

What sets apart Airzone is that their HVAC control solutions allow the integration professionals to manage multiple HVAC technologies (split, multi-split, Inverter air conditioner, air to water heat pumps) seamlessly and simultaneously without the need of adding a third-party solution.

In other words, with Airzone products it is possible to control (both combined or independently) radiant heating floor, air conditioning and sanitary hot water from one single interface while the products´ self-guided configuration eases the diagnostic process to discard problems beyond the integrator´s liability.

Airzone solutions can coordinate the workload of different HVAC technologies that are integrated enhancing the energy efficiency and economic savings of the system. This also greatly improves the thermal comfort of the end-users.

Thanks to the quick and easy configuration through API REST or API Cloud, integrators can enjoy the simplicity of Airzone solutions. All they need to do is just download the drivers and introduce the preferred parameters. No more complex and time-consuming programming necessary.

With over two decades of experience innovating HVAC control and zoning solutions, Airzone bridges the gap between the IoT and HVAC technologies.

This synergy is the backbone of Airzone’s highly developed integration strategy in HVAC.

At ISE2020, Airzone will be also showcasing its latest product: Aidoo Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi controller. Aidoo is one small simple device to control and integrate the AC units into different BMS/HA systems through its Professional API Cloud, Modbus or KNX.

Today, the various partnerships with leading air conditioning manufacturers have enabled Airzone to position itself among the top companies in the global smart HVAC sector.

“Our collaboration with leading brands is our best reference with more than 2 million thermostats currently connected and over 10 thousand Airzone zoning systems installed around the globe providing advanced control solutions in the market. We’re confident to call ourselves an industry leader” said Adrian Ramos, the General Manager for Airzone Europe.

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