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Elsner Elektronik Shows Cala KNX Series of Smart Room Controllers and Push-Buttons at ISE 2020

Intelligent control units for the KNX Smart Home as easy to install as a light switch? This is possible with the Cala KNX series from Elsner Elektronik. The room controllers, sensors and push-buttons are installed in the switch series of the building. The components are available for the 55 mm systems common in Germany and for the Swiss 60 mm system. With the colours jet black and pure white, the inserts match the frame designs of many manufacturers. The elegant and combination-friendly glass surface connects all Cala devices, from touch displays to switches. 

The highlight of the series is the Cala Touch KNX touch display on which light, sun protection and room temperature can be set. Integrated sensors and suitable controllers in the KNX application automatically ensure a good ambient climate. Biodynamic lighting control changes light colour and brightness throughout the day. This can support well-being and is also known as Human Centric Lighting.

In the KNX system, programmable glass push-buttons replace conventional light switches and double switches for moving shades. The push-buttons can also be used to call up scenes and set other KNX commands. LEDs in the buttons provide visual feedback if required. The simple Cala KNX M-T push-buttons are available with one, two or four touch surfaces. The double and quad versions have an additional switching function when several fields are touched simultaneously. The Cala KNX MultiTouchT push-button has three function areas defined by printed icons: For light, temperature and, depending on the model, shading or scenes. This enables the user to quickly find the desired function, which is particularly important in hotels and other buildings with changing users. All buttons subtly detect the temperature on site by means of an integrated sensor.

Temperature control is at the heart of the Cala KNX T 101 and T 201/202 Sunblind push-buttons. The target temperature is shown here in illuminated figures and can be changed directly using the intuitive “plus” and “minus” buttons. The PI control in the KNX application then controls heating and, if necessary, cooling. The 201 and 202 models also have up/down touch surfaces for positioning sun protection and blackout screens.

The KNX T-UP Touch room controllers with display and touch buttons and the KNX T-UP gl controllers also match the Cala series. The devices combine sensor technology and control and thus ensure a good room climate. In addition to temperature, the air humidity and the CO2 or mixed gas content of the air can also be controlled.

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