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Iddero Announces HC3L-KNX Touch Panel with 10.1″ IPS Display

Iddero has just announced immediate availability of the new HC3L-KNX touch panels, featuring a widescreen 10.1″ capacitive multitouch display with IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The high-end IPS display delivers outstanding image quality, with bright, vibrant colours from any viewing angle.

Iddero HC3L-CB_bgwhite_1200

HC3L touch panels are initially available in CLASSIC finishes, with white, grey, and matte black front frames. Availability of the GLASS series, featuring a full glass front, is planned for Q1 2020.

Product highlights

• Up to 512 configurable pages (more than 4000 functions), graphical navigation through maps and zones, a wide range of widgets, configurable background images, touch gestures, and much more.

• Hassle-free, transparent remote access from smartphones and tablets, either directly (through the home LAN) or using the free idderocloud service.

• Doubles as an indoor monitor for SIP video door phones (includes direct support for IP door stations from major door phone manufacturers). Includes integrated stereo loudspeakers and digital microphone.

• Four multi-function inputs, individually configurable as binary or temperature probe inputs.

• Feature-packed: time schedules, user-editable scenes, alarms, presence simulation, notifications, logic and arithmetic functions, multiple integrated thermostats, and more.

Iddero is a manufacturer of high quality, innovative products for home and building automation based on the KNX standard. Designed to be functional, reliable, and easy-to-use, its product portfolio focuses on visualisation and control of KNX installations, combining a strong and robust design with elegant and attractive aesthetics.

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