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Ingenium Launches KNX Gateway for DAIKIN GW630100 Air Conditioning System

Ingenium has launched a BES KNX gateway between the KNX protocol and the DAIKIN air conditioning system, GW630100.

This new product supports one indoor SKY DAIKIN climate unit and the management of its five operating modes (auto, heat, cool, fan or dry) and three ventilation speeds (low, medium or high).

It is also possible to set only cool or heat mode. Another special feature is the swing control by movement or position, or the warning in the event of a DAIKIN 0 fault, to identify its type.

In addition, it includes energy saving mode, scenes, arithmetic / logic unit and timers / counters.

Supply: 29VDC from KNX BUS.
Current Consumption: 20 mA from KNX BUS. Equivalent to 4 BUS devices*
– BUS connection terminal KNX.
– Screw terminals for main power supply and LG bus.
Mounting / size: DIN Rail / 2 modules.
Environment temperature range: Operation: from -10oC to
55oC / Storage: from -30oC to 60oC / Transportation: from – 30oC to 60oC
Regulation: According to the directives of electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage. EN 50090-2-2/UNE-EN 61000- 6-3:2007/UNE-EN 61000-6-1:2007/UNE-EN 61010-1

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