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PEAKnx Launches YOUVI Mobile App for Smart Home Control on the Go

Expert for home automation presents mobile application

PEAKnx, manufacturer of solutions for home and building automation from Darmstadt, presents its new YOUVI Mobile App. With this development PEAKnx brings some features of its YOUVI software package to the smartphone – both for Android and iOS devices. The YOUVI App allows homeowners now to have full control over their smart home on the go: they can control shutters, blinds and lights, as well as power outlets and heating. Users can also set up a dashboard with the most frequently used devices and access group functions.

Comfortable control of the Smart Home

Homeowners have already been able to use YOUVI via the two PEAKnx touch panels Controlpro and Controlmini. Over the touch panels various Smart Home functions could be conveniently controlled. Now being able to use the features via the smartphone significantly expands the scope of use. Because who does not know the situation: You forgot to switch off the light in the living room and find out about it outside the home. With the YOUVI Mobile App, the light can now be switched off easily while on the move. “The range of functions goes even further,” says Lorenz Rohrmann, executive manager of PEAKnx. “Users can also use the Android and iOS app to operate heating systems, roller shutters and blinds. Especially convenient: the group functions, for example to switch off all lights simultaneously, are also available via the app.

Access to the YOUVI Mobile App

The technological basis of the app is a network connection to YOUVI, the KNX software package consisting of visualisation, IP router and bus monitor. In your own network, the WLAN connection is sufficient. Outside, a YOUVI IoT account is required. In some cases, users have already created this account for using the Amazon Alexa voice module with YOUVI. With this module the Smart Home can also be controlled via voice commands. “On the way, users can use the app to perform remote control and, for example, shut down the shutters if a thunderstorm suddenly appears,” says Gerald Palmsteiner, COO of PEAKnx. “This means that users can always keep an eye on their own homes – which strengthens their sense of security. ”

Comprehensive package for Smart Home control

PEAKnx offers YOUVI according to the so-called module principle. The YOUVI basic package consists of software IP router, visualization and bus monitor. This allows users to conveniently control lighting, temperature or shading systems. The YOUVI Mobile App is also part of this package – but users can only use it in their own home network. Additional functions can be added as required, such as the YOUVI camera module, which allows surveillance cameras to be integrated into the Smart Home. Another module is YOUVI Connect, which enables voice control via Amazon Alexa as well as the use of the YOUVI App outside the home network.

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