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Vivo Suisse Offers MoMi KNX 4-Fold Touchbutton with Temperature Probe

The Vivo® MoMi KNX 4-fold Touchbutton is a KNX device for on/off switching of loads, dimming of lighting devices, controlling of motor drives or other programmable switching and control functions.

Thanks to the integrated temperature probe it can serve as room or area temperature controller. It is equipped with an integrated KNX bus communication module and is designed for wall installation on a flush mounting box. The device has one RGB LED for each channel configurable for example as a status signal or orientation nightlight (by parmeter). Touching a button, the device sends a telegram on the bus, which is received and carried out by one or more KNX actuators.

The device is powered by the KNX bus line with a SELV voltage 30 Vdc and does not require auxiliary power.

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