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Enertex Announces Availability of EibPC² DIN Rail Mounted PC for the KNX bus

The perfect smarthome control center for a smart future: our new EibPC².

An integrated bus interface gives the EibPC² and the ETS access to the KNX bus. The EibPC² is powered directly from the KNX bus, no dedicated power supply is needed!

Integrated real-time webserver, VPN, 65.000 configurable functions, logging of KNX bus traffic, e-mail, and much more is ready-to-be-used on our EibPC².

Our completely new designed EibStudio V4 makes it easy to create control logics and visualization, especially for new users. The modern user interface and graphical assistants guide you, without building artificial walls. The project management centralizes all information and makes it easy to manage multiple projects and hardware setups.

The Enertex EibPC² is built for large installations including visualization. Our encrypted visualization can be accessed from any device featuring a web browser (including smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc). It does not depend on any vendor-specific online platform. Remote access and the visualization webserver directly run on the EibPC².

Users of our 1st generation EibPC can import and run existing programs on our EibPC². For every task you can decide if you prefer graphical or text-based programming, and both integrate seamlessly.

The integrated display shows important information and the device status.

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