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OSRAM Offers Professional Lighting Control with a Direct Connection to KNX

New interface for DALI PROFESSIONAL and KNX

The well proven OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL light management system can now also be conveniently integrated into your KNX system. For the DALI PRO CONT-4 RTC control unit, the new interface KNX IF 250 now ensures the bidirectional data exchange between DALI PROFESSIONAL and a KNX system. This means that centralized functions, such as switching and dimming as well as individual lighting control (scenes, RGB and TW), can be executed via KNX. In addition to the luminaire status, information on defective luminaires is directly available in KNX.

It’s really easy: installation via Plug & Play

DALI PROFESSIONAL is a flexible light management system which is mainly used in industrial and office buildings hosting several single offices, medical practices or restaurants. Commissioning is done, using the DALI PROFESSIONAL software. A DALI PRO CONT-4 RTC controls up to four DALI channels with 64 addresses and up to 50 sensors each. To tackle large projects, four devices can be combined via LAN (up to 1,024 addresses). In addition to single luminaires, groups and scenes, it is possible to control entire floors. The DALI PRO CONT-4 RTC has a real-time clock included and can be controled via smartphone or tablet app.

Major features in combination with DALI PROFESSIONAL:

Easy-to-install, reliable lighting control (switching and dimming)
Occupancy detection and daylight harvesting
Color temperature (TW) and colored light (RGB) control
Daylight simulation (Human Centric Lighting)
Real-time clock
User-friendly operation via app
Scene and effect sequencer
Commissioning of the lighting infrastructure possible without ETS

Available from May 2019 onwards.

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