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Gira X1 Update Simplifies Sonos Integration

X1 release 2.2 – New functions and connection to Sonos

The new release 2.2 for the Gira X1 contains various new functions. First, we have renamed the Gira X1 app. It is now called: Gira Smart Home app. Up to eight Sonos speakers can be controlled via the app, in addition to the user entering the Sonos speaker’s IP address. We have also revised our Gira X1 device website so that the order of the playlists for the Sonos feature can be defined.

GPA release 3.2 – What’s new in GPA version 3.2?

The new release 3.2 enables the KNX integration of the Gira X1’s device data points. This means, for example, that the play function of the Sonos speaker can be activated directly via a group address, without a separate logic circuit having to be built for this. What’s more, the project scope has been expanded so that additional systems can be integrated into the GPA in future.

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