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Steinel Shows True Presence Detector at ISE 2019

In developing True Presence®, STEINEL SYSTEMS has perfected presence detection and heralds a new age of building sensor technology. Because True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detector. Using revolutionary technology that is based on the finest high-frequency measurements, it reliably detects the presence of a person no matter what he or she happens to be doing. Micro- movements of the vital functions, such as breathing or slight movements of a person’s shoulders, are enough for detecting presence. As a result, True Presence® delivers digital information on actual presence or absence and obviates the need for any stay-ON time. Added to this, the distance of the person to the sensor and the movement vector are also quickly registered with absolute precision. This means that True Presence® provides key information for managing tomorrow’s buildings with many different and innovative applications. The sensors of the True Presence® product family are easily controlled via app and can be wirelessly interconnected via Bluetooth.

Innovative detection technology

To detect the presence of a person, True Presence® technology uses ultra-fine high-frequency measurements of its surroundings. This involves the use of a newly developed sensor system with extremely high resolution. The presence of a human being is indicated when micro-movements resulting from human vital functions are detected in the form of three-dimensional breathing patterns. Combined with unique sensor software results in a 100 per-cent detection of humans. The microprocessor evaluates the sensor data and makes any stay-ON time unnecessary.

Many different applications are possible

True Presence® provides solutions for more efficiency, health, safety and comfort. Here, applications are conceivable that go far beyond switching on lights and controlling buildings. The True Presence® product family can be used, for example, to provide room occupancy and service management as a hospitality solution in hotels, specific elderly-care solutions for monitoring persons in need of care or a worst-case management system for effective evacuation.

True Presence®

Developed as the world’s first true presence detector in a slim, modern design, the True Presence® detects the presence of people in a room with absolute reliability, from a mounting height of 2 to 12 metres. The 360-degree sensor has a reach of 9 metres in diameter in the True Presence detection zone as well as a maximum reach of 15 metres with conventional presence detection of the type permitted by today’s presence detectors. The detection zones and sensor specifications are set digitally via app. Several sensors are wirelessly interconnected via Bluetooth. For ease of installation, the True Presence® is available as a concealed and surface-mounted version with COM1, COM2, DALI and KNX interfaces.

Building intelligence

True Presence® can detect true human presence and requires no stay-ON time. Combining True Presence® with the detection of temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and brightness turns these sensors into sensory organs for true building intelligence.

True Presence® Multisensor KNX

Besides the true presence of persons, the True Presence® Multisensor KNX can detect further data, such as brightness, room temperature, humidity, air pressure, the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well as the level of CO2 actually measured. To simplify integration into a building management system, it is equipped with a KNX interface. As a 360-degree multisensor, it also has a reach of 9 metres in diameter in the True Presence detection zone. It detects movements and human presence throughout an area of up to 15 metres in diameter.

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