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Smart Building Conference Offers 30% Discount on Registration Until 8 January 2019

4 February 2019 at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

Now in its 9th edition, the Smart Building Conference is the one chance for ISE attendees each year to follow the important trends in the building industry that affect the technology inside the building. From conference rooms to smart homes to smart office buildings to multi-dwelling units, the Smart Building Conference covers the latest smart technology and solutions, impacting on the installation and integration marketplace.

Smart Building Conference Offers Discount on Registration

Each year Smart Building Conference provides attendees with a unique business and technological insight on in building technologies and the future of smart buildings, smart homes and smart offices. This year‘s one-day conference will show how we can make existing buildings smart and how we can make the latest generation of smart buildings. Our theme, Making Buildings Smart, Making Smart Buildings, examines how all stakeholders can work together to use technology to make homes, offices and commercial buildings smarter and better for all of us.

Hot Topics 2019

• Research from Ghent University’s HOME LAB
• The Smart Campus
• The latest in KNX developments
• Blockchain and Smart Building
• VR and Building Design
• “5 in 5”: Meet the Start-Ups
• How Facility Managers Are Adapting
• World-leading Architects: DNA Barcelona
• Amazon Alexa for Hotels
• The Integrator’s Panel
• Next-gen IoT Ecosystem for Built Environments
• How Consulting Engineers Consult
• Smart Home Champions
• Application Specific Networking (ASN)
• Accommodating Tomorrow’s Workforce
• Wayfinding & Smart Applications
• How the Office Lobby Speaks Volumes
• IoT Enables Smart Building Technology for the Other 85%
• AI for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings
• Architainment
• Real Estate Leverages In-Building Tech
• Brand New Category of Smart Home Device

Please note that some topics are very dependent upon a particular speaker whose plans may change.

Discounted Early Bird is available until 8 January 2019. For more information please visit:

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