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Legrand Offers Electrak Lightrak KNX Lighting Control System with Buscom Trunking

The combination of Buscom trunking, which push fits together, and Lightrak lighting control units, which are simply mounted onto and plugged into the Buscom trunking, offers unbeatable flexibility and speed of installation.

The heart of your lighting control system

Installing a matrix of Buscom trunking creates an accessible power and communications backbone throughout a building that can be tapped into at any point to facilitate instant connection to power and control circuits. Buscom incorporates a shielded twisted pair communications bus and is suitable for use with any lighting control protocol, including: KNX, LonWorks and DALI

Adaptable lighting control

Designed to work in harmony with Electrak Buscom trunking, Lightrak offers fully addressable lighting control with quick and easy installation. Lightrak’s snap on / plug in lighting control units can be easily moved and reprogrammed if requirements change.


Lightrak’s KNX/DALI controller allows for the introduction of a new intelligent busbar system as an alternative option to a traditional LCM solution.


The modular controller plugs into an eight outlet distribution box, which creates a KNX/DALI Lighting Control Module (LCM).


The modular controller plugs into a Buscom Control Unit, which injects DALI onto the Buscom, creating a KNX/DALI intelligent busbar system,


Power and communications within a single trunking system
Suitable with: KNX, LonWorks, DALI and more
Fast to install, easy to adapt
Robust system with minimal potential points of failure
Seamless connectivity with KNX devices from over 300 manufacturers
Wide ranging offer of energy saving switching, sensing and scheduling devices
Infrared, ultrasonic and microwave detectors offer presence or absence detection and constant luminance with daylight linking
PC configurable and can be integrated onto IP or BMS networks or remote or local testing
Interface with other building control systems via the open KNX protocol
Two way communication with DALI, facilitating control and feedback
Emergency lighting test function

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