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Intesis Offers KNX IntesisBox Gateways for Hisense VRF Systems

IntesisBox extensive KNX solutions catalogue welcomes the new HS-RC-KNX-1i interface. This interface is the result of a detailed development, test and certification process carried out along with Hisense to offer control over KNX for their VRF systems. Thanks to this collaboration, we can bring a high level of integration and a strong-reliable solution to the market, which may fit for the most demanding integrations.

How it works

The gateway connects directly to the wired remote controller of the manufacturer enabling a fully bidirectional communication. That allows control of the operating mode, fan speed, setpoint temperature or vanes, among others. Moreover, it allows monitoring of any kind of alarm or error in the Air Conditioning indoor unit.

Functionality example

One of the key points of the product is the presence of 4 binary inputs to provide the possibility to integrate external sensors such as presence detectors or magnetic window contacts. The status of these inputs can be reported to the KNX bus through their respective KNX objects or used to directly launch certain internal functionalities implemented in the gateway.

As an example, the Occupancy function allows defining 2 delays in the absence of presence after which an action parameterizable in ETS is launched. This action can be a “setpoint modification” or a “OFF” command for the Air Conditioning indoor unit.

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