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Theben Offers AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 Sensor

Optimum air quality. For a perfect living climate. The new AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor from Theben

The AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor monitors the CO2 concentration in schools and classrooms, offices and conference rooms, or also in passive and low-energy houses. Thanks to the integrated temperature controller, it is ideal for efficiently controlling the room temperature and for controlling ventilation systems in KNX building automation. With the universal mounting plate, AMUN 716 S KNX can be installed directly on the wall or on an accessory back box.

Highlights of the AMUN 716 S KNX CO2-Sensors at a glance:

* Simple installation – thanks to four measurement sensors in one device (CO2, relative humidity, temperature, air pressure)
* Integrated temperature controller – for controlling KNX actuators or heating actuators
* Flexible application – Two front panels for setting the basic target value or for manual adjustment (absolute or relative scaling)
* Four external inputs – for fast integration of conventional contacts like switches, buttons, window and signalling contacts
* Automatic alarming – via telegram in case of sensor failure
* Optimum visibility of the LED status display – thanks to the high light output of the LEDs, incl. dimming function in the dark

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