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AVE Offers System 44 KNX Control Devices for Home Automation

KNX technology is enhanced by the unique aesthetics of System 44 and with intelligent solutions designed for an increasingly demanding, complex and evolving market.

Home automation for AVE doesn’t only mean innovation and technology, but also design, with aesthetics suitable for every environment. That is why the new control devices series with KNX technology has been developed to meet the aesthetic needs of the client.

To a state-of-the-art technology, which allows to meet any system’s requirements for control all possible integrated functions both in buildings and homes, AVE combines an exquisite design, a great strength of the whole Company’s production.

With the new KNX devices you can create advanced home automation systems that are easy to configure and very beautiful. The KNX range is aesthetically coordinated with all the wiring accessories series AVE System 44 (Life, Domus, Allumia and Tekla). It’s very easy to find the perfect combination to satisfy the end-users’ taste and to combine KNX technology in any kind of environments.

In fact, the AVE System 44 offers many different designs, finishes and materials to customize KNX commands. Each AVE collection is dedicated to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting, so even architects and designers can have maximum design freedom. KNX control device boasts also a user interface that allows you to report through multi-colour LEDs the presence of alarms, status of loaded commands or simply repeat a call.

With AVE innovation goes beyond design. The KNX range is available in touch version (with front plates Vera Touch in glass, Allumia Touch in aluminium or Young Touch in moulded) and traditional one, which are both complete with elements of 2 and 3 modules for AVE System 44. Both touch and traditional solutions offer the recognising of command touch time (short or long), so you can set up to 8 commands on the 2 modules and up to 12 commands on 3 modules. The KNX control devices with seesaw button introduce also the innovative “multi-action” function, that allows you to recall several simultaneous actions. This can be defined as a native Scenario in the button.

Thanks to AVE control devices with KNX certification, you can control all possible integrated applications and functions both in buildings and homes: lighting, motorized shutters, technical alarms, video surveillance, thermoregulation, ventilation and air conditioning monitoring, water and load control, energy savings and sound systems management.

Aesthetics, technology and even more flexibility with new KNX commands. Home automation is also a choice of style. With AVE you can bring the signature of the best international designers into complex systems and satisfy your customers needs with all the S44 aesthetics.

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