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Anigmo Launches a KNX Touchless Switch

Anigmo is playing important role in Light-switch and dimmer market with state of the art patented Touchless technology used in switches, dimmers, sensors which work through virtually any material: stone, glass, wood, plastic, etc or metal. These unprecedented Design options of Anigmo Touchless technology are now available for exciting KNX market.

At Light + Building 2018 Anigmo introduced KNX Touchless Switch. Anigmo touchless HA controls use patented sensing technology, developed and proven in other touchless Anigmo products around the world for years. Anigmo approach is different to any of the existing KNX switch vendors today. This sensing technology can work through virtually any material enabling the control to be covered by any material. Anigmo touchless switch can blend into the surroundings or stand out as an masterpiece, even the pattern on the front is fully customisable. It enables use of any material for the switch-plate therefore enabling unprecedented design options because like Anigmo Touchless Switch, the Anigmo KNX Touchless Switch can have the plate made of any material: natural-stone, ceramics, glass, wood,plastic, etc or even metal.

Anigmo patented gesture detection offers unprecedented control options. The Anigmo KNX Touchless Switch can differentiate between eight (8) different commands without any programming. Single Anigmo KNX Touchless switch can accept up to eight different commands and transfers them to the KNX bus to switch or dim lights, operate blinds, set scenes, etc. Convenient backlighting indicates the function selected and gives a visual feedback to the user. This features make Anigmo KNX Touchless Switch the most powerful, design-friendly and easy to use switch on the KNX market.

Hygiene fanatics finally receive the switch to their liking: no touching the switch means no fingertips and no additional cleaning for the Anigmo Touchless KNX Switch!

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