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Basalte Adds M3 Amplifier and A4 I/O Module to Asano Multiroom Audio Range

At Light + Building, Basalte introduced two new products to expand its high-end multiroom audio system Asano: the M3 multiroom amplifier and the A4 input/output module to integrate third-par- ty amplifiers and active speakers.

Asano is a decentralised multiroom audio system by Basalte. It brings crystal clear music in every room of a building and directly integrates with KNX. The system combines an unseen flexibility and scalability with a smooth and sleek design.

M3 multiroom amplifier

The M3 multiroom amplifier has two stereo zone outputs (50W per channel) and can support one third-party amplifier through its digital output. Thanks to its slim design and elegant look, M3 can easily be put near an audio source in your home. You can connect a TV to the optical input and add an analogue source through the 3.5 mm mini jack input (like a CD player, Google Chromecast or an Amazon Echo Dot).

M3 integrates with the Basalte Core server and supports audio-over-Ethernet: every source connected to M3’s inputs immediately becomes a source for all other zones in the multiroom audio system. M3 also integrates with KNX home automation through Basalte Core.

You can use the integrated notifications to set pre-recorded audio files as alerts around the house, for example as a doorbell. The integrated Bluetooth receiver lets you connect your phone or tablet to play any song in any Asano zone.

A4 input/output module

The new A4 I/O module o ers 4 analogue outputs with trigger to integrate third-party amplifiers and active speakers with the Asano multiroom audio system. You can additionally connect up to 3 audio sources to the analogue inputs.

A4 is controlled by Basalte Core and also integrates with KNX through this server. A4 supports audio-over-Ethernet to play all music in the Asano system on your third-party amplifier or active speaker. A4 also has integrated notifications to use as alerts around the house.
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