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TAPKO Introduces KAIstack-secure with KNX Secure Support

New hall level 9.1 at Light + Building 2018 offered a comprehensive insight into home and building automation safety technology – and TAPKO joined in to present its KNX Secure product innovations 2018.

In line with the trade fair theme Connected-Secure-Convenient, TAPKO took the opportunity to introduce KAIstack-secure, the new system component with KNX Secure support. Additionally to the joint venture products from development projects, the booth showed the complete TAPKO KNX product range from system devices to evaluation boards. Especially the new KNX system devices containing the KNX communication stack KAIstack-secure were the focus of visitor interest.

Even before entering hall 9 KNX Secure was already on everyone´s lips. The KNX Association showed recently available KNX Secure products, their use in modern buildings, their handling by ETS, and within that scope, of course all TAPKO´s KNX Secure innovations. At this fair an unprecedented crowd of visitors was interested in new security products and KNX innovations shown in hall 9 and its new level 9.1 for “Connected Security in Buildings”.

Klaus Adler and Peter Tomic with staff welcomed former and new clients, colleagues, partners and competitors to discuss trends, opportunities and perspectives of KNX development. “Internet of Things, Smart Home comfort, safe working in operating environments are today´s topics to unlock the potential of KNX for the digital world.”

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