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ProKNX Shows RealKNX Certified for Google Assistant at ISE 2018

KNX Member Stand, Hall 9 F120, at ISE 2018

RealKNX is the first KNX device certified for Google Assistant. Just activate Google Action, and all KNX functions (lights, blinds, heating, scenes, status …) are translated for Google Assistant. Both Google Home and the mobile phones (Android + iOS) understand spoken sentences.

On the other hand, it is possible to receive alerts by voice: A motion detector can “report” that someone is approaching the house. Triggering the smoke detector will alarm and indicate the escape route. With only one configuration through a ETS product database RealKNX additionally provides voice control via Siri and Alexa. It includes the powerful IoT and logic editor Node-RED and it is a full- fledged visualization system.

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