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Theben Offers New RAMSES 718 S/P KNX Room Thermostats

More efficient heating made simple

Theben AG presents the new RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats for efficient heating control in KNX building automation in a permanent or 2-point version. Apart from new functions and four external inputs, they adopt the design language of the other KNX living space devices, thereby ensuring a consistent appearance.

The new RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats replace the previous RAMSES 712/713 KNX devices and offer a number of technical and functional improvements.

Maximum flexibility

RAMSES 718 P KNX ensures maximum flexibility, due to two different front panels. While one of the front panels can be used to set the base setpoint by using the rotary control, the other one can be used to set a manual setpoint offset (absolute and relative scaling). RAMSES 718 S KNX has status displays, but no operating controls for individual adjustment. At both devices, four external inputs allow a fast integration of conventional contacts, such as buttons, switches, window or signalling contacts into the KNX system. For instance, an external temperature sensor can be connected for temperature measurement at a different location inside the room.

Alerting and dimmable LEDs

In case of a sensor failure, there can be an automatic alert by telegram. For this purpose, three communication objects are available, as for instance an alarm error text. The LEDs at the front are especially bright. In this way, the status display can be seen without any problems even in bright environments. In order for the LEDs not to illuminate the entire room during darkness, they can be dimmed down to a specific brightness, either automatically (via the integrated brightness sensor), or via a command.

Flexible installation

Thanks to the flexibly mountable rear side of the housing, RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats can be installed on flush-mounted boxes, as well as directly on the wall.

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