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Siemens Adds New KNX Switching Actuators to its GAMMA Instabus Product Line

– Greatly expanded product line of GAMMA instabus switching actuators for lighting and electrical loads
– Numerous control, override and diagnostic functions
– Much shorter installation time, simplified commissioning, lower maintenance costs

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has updated its GAMMA instabus product line with new switching actuators, greatly expanding its range of products for lighting control. The new actuators are available with switching capacities of 6, 10 and 16 or 20 amperes and four, eight and twelve channels each.

The switching actuators offer numerous control, override and diagnostic functions for each output. The basic function of the new actuators is switching with status feedback. Powerful relays are used for switching capacitive loads with high inrush currents, for example for fluorescent lamps or LEDs. Control functions (logic, timer mode, scenes, central switching), override functions (manual ON, permanent OFF, blocking, forced control) as well as diagnostic functions (counting of operating hours and load cycles with and without threshold monitoring) can be added to the basic functionality by configuring them with the vendor-independent Engineering Tool Software (ETS).

In room and building automation, override functions are used to map special situations, such as fire alarms, evacuations and maintenance work. In the event of a fire, for example, the energy for igniting and supporting the fire can be removed by automatically deactivating circuits.

The diagnostic functions of the new switching actuators make it possible to continuously monitor the functions of the switching actuator or to initiate maintenance based on operating hours or number of switching cycles.

With their many automation functions, the new switching actuators are particularly suitable for offices, hotels and schools as well as for industrial environments and retail stores. The actuators can switch incandescent lamps as well as electric heaters (resistive loads), low-voltage halogen lamps with upstream wound transformers and electric motors (inductive loads) as well as low-voltage halogen lamps with upstream electronic transformers (capacitive loads). Thanks to their high switching capacity, the actuators can also be used in parking lot and outdoor lighting. With their greater flexibility, the new GAMMA instabus switching actuators make it possible to implement individual system solutions, thus creating perfect places.

Shorter installation time and simplified commissioning

Maintenance-free plug-type terminals significantly shorten the installation time for the new switching actuators. The annual maintenance and tightening required for screw-type terminals is eliminated. The terminals are designed for connection and through-wiring of single-core, stranded and multi-core conductors with a conductor cross section of 0.5 to 2.5 mm². Stranded and multi-core conductors can be plugged into the terminals without ferrules.

Slide switches and special test contacts on the plug-type terminals enable electrical installers to test the installation entirely electrically, using common test equipment such as a voltage detector. This makes it possible to document the flawless execution of the installation work when handing the project over to the system integrator. Electrical installers, system integrators and planners thus have clearly assigned responsibilities within the construction process, which becomes much more efficient overall.

The switching actuators are based on the KNX standard and can be flexibly networked with all components of KNX building services and building systems. The actuators are designed for a rated operating voltage of 230 volts AC and protection class IP20. The actuators’ electronic components are supplied from the KNX bus voltage. The new switching actuators are suitable as DIN rail-mounted devices for

installation in distribution cabinets or small housings and can be snapped onto 35 mm rails according to EN 60715-TH35.

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