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Union Systems Offers TruSmart Brand of KNX-Based Smart Technology for Multi-Dwelling Units and Commercial Properties

Union Systems has launched its TruSmart brand, an umbrella brand for the smart technology that they integrate into multi-dwelling units and commercial properties.

Since the start of this year, there has been a noticeable rise in interest from Property Developers, Architects, Building Contractors, M&E Contractors and many other building and construction professionals. All of who are keen to learn more about the benefits of including intelligent control and automation into the buildings they are working with.

At the heart of Union’s TruSmart technology lies KNX. Put simply, KNX unites all the functions that Union offers its clients and the flexibility and scalable nature of KNX makes it the perfect solution for the type of projects that Union work on

Speaking recently on this subject, Union’s technical director, Lee Nunn commented “Due to the simple way KNX is installed and commissioned, we are able to save time and costs over other solutions when writing a specification, which can make the very real difference between winning and losing contracts.

Smart technology and automation are revolutionising the way we interact with the spaces we live, work and socialise in. Union System’s TruSmart technology provides property developers and building owners with a cost-effective solution to make their properties more intelligent, more efficient and more desirable.

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