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EAE Technology Offers XD100 KNX Sensor

EAE Technology offers the XD100 KNX detector with a compact and unobtrusive design. The XD100 is ideal for interior rooms such as medium to large-sized offices, corridors, classrooms, car parks, conference and meeting rooms.

The detector is available in two models: PD100 presence detector, MD100 motion detector. Both models have flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions. XD100 has three independent channels: presence, lighting (up to four lighting groups) and HVAC. The constant lighting function can be applied with two different set-points related to the presence information (eg. during presence: 500 lux, during absence: 100 lux). The lighting can be set to different brightness levels or scenes can be recalled based on motion detection thanks to the corridor function.

The XD100 KNX detector can be used either as a standalone device or master-slave device (parallel operation with other XD100s) according to the requirements.

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