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Manage KNX Professionally with the Jung Visu Pro Software

The JUNG Visu Pro software, as successor to the Facility Pilot, is the professional way to visualise and control building automation. Without data point limitation, Visu Pro is ideally suitable for complex KNX applications, both in the private as well as the commercial area.

(Left) Jung Smart Visu Server and (right) Smart Visu Pro software
(Left) Jung Smart Visu Server and (right) Smart Visu Pro software

Multiple independent KNX systems can be included in parallel via KNXnet / IP protocol in a process model and visualised. This creates extensive opportunities for property-spanning projects. The Visu Pro software can be displayed using all HTML5-capable browsers and using mobile devices. The Visu Pro software consists of various function modules, each of which deals with a task. The well-known modules / editors from Facility Pilot for creating the visualisation have been simplified with respect to their use and graphical display.

HTML5 visualisations are produced consistently. This guarantees the presentation on various device classes. For this purpose, the control library has been significantly extended with HTML5 elements. The HTML5 controls can be placed freely on the worksheets. The optics of the controls are completely customisable; the JUNG symbol set is included as library in the scope of delivery. Form factor, transparency, background image and separate views can be set. Your own symbols can also be imported and used.

Smart Assistant

Visualisations based on included templates can be prepared using the Smart Assistant. The automatic generation minimises the creation effort for JUNG interfaces. Functions, time switches or scenes can be selected based on a tabular list, added to the individual project and linked to each other as needed. Settings for the measurement of various uses such as electricity, water or gas are made using consumer data charts. The visualisation of the consumption data check is then automatically generated from this. Afterwards, the building structure can be produced based on floors and rooms. Previously configured functions and scenes can be allocated easily and transferred to the visualisation.

Smart server solution

In combination with the preinstalled Visu Pro software and interfaces to other systems, the Smart Visu Server is ideally suitable for applications in challenging private construction. The compact device (12 x 12 x 2.4 cm) for wall or DIN rail mounting, even under full load, has a power consumption of only a few watts (7W during operation, max. 2W during standby). The quad core Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM enable smooth operation, also for demanding applications. Thus, Smart Visu is a smart server solution for visualising and operating Smart Home applications.

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