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Ivory Egg Announces New One-day KNX Heating Course

Ivory Egg is excited to announce a brand new one-day heating course designed to ensure that all its customers understand how heating and hot water systems work, the benefits of introducing more intelligent control and how to achieve this with KNX.

Ivory Egg Announces New 1 Day KNX Heating Course

Having delivered various manufacturer heating courses over the years, Ivory Egg felt it was time to create a course specifically on how UK heating and hot water systems are designed, installed and controlled. This base knowledge is then expanded on by introducing how KNX controls work, before looking at specific examples of how to configure KNX products to take the place of standard 230v controls.

Although specific products are used as examples, there is a real focus on understanding the basics, so course attendees can deliver a project regardless of the KNX products used or the specific configuration of the heating and hot water system.

“Heating control is often a source of confusion for our integrators so by offering this course we hope to make it simpler to get involved with KNX, and give integrators the tools and knowledge they require to deliver more projects with confidence” says Mark Warburton, Technical Director at Ivory Egg.

“The tutor for our new course is Simon Buddle from Future Ready Homes, who is able to draw on his wealth of experience to make the course entertaining as well as relate the course content to real world examples.”

The course is CEDIA CEU accredited with 3.5 CEUs given on completion.

Dates for the course are the 11th of July and the 25th of October 2017.

More information on the course and other training opportunities can be found at here or please contact Ashley Bodkin on 01243 572 700 or

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