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Elsner Elektronik Wins Red Dot Design Awards for Corlo Touch KNX Single-Room Controller and Remo pro/KNX Handheld Transmitter

The international design Red Dot award offers some of the most prestigious annual prizes, distinguishing companies for their products and ideas. For the high quality of their design, two products by Elsner Elektronik were awarded the highly sought-after Red Dot. Apart from high quality and cutting-edge production technology, their successful performance was ensured first and foremost by qualified employees that work cross-divisionally as a team. For more than 25 years, Elsner Elektronik has specialised in control systems and building automation. The company develops and manufactures all its products at its main office.

The awarded Corlo Touch KNX 5in display is a single-room controller for the KNX building bus system. The device’s design matches that of the Corlo switch system by Elsner Elektronik. The 5-inch solid glass screen is installed in a switch socket, serving as an indicator, a touch-operated switch and a settings display. In the KNX file of Corlo Touch KNX 5in, there are five automation channels, scenes and logic modules that help set up the building technology intelligently and conveniently. The automation controls shading, windows, heating/cooling and light. It is particularly practical that the automation functions and scenes of Corlo Touch KNX 5in can be adjusted on the screen by the user at any time.

In daily use, the display is a switch for operating the building equipment, e.g. for dimming lights or positioning shutters. It also shows current information from the KNX system, such as the ambient climate, weather or status reports. The functions are marked with clear icons from the internal library. If desired, user graphics can even be loaded from an SD card.

With the extended version Corlo Touch KNX 5in WL, the WLAN connection can be used to display browser content such as visualisation; the Corlo mobile app can be used via WLAN and VPN from your smartphone.

The Remo pro/KNX hand-held transmitter was the other product awarded. The flat and handy shape of the wireless remote control means it can be used as a convenient touch-screen operating unit for the installed building equipment. With the display off, the boundary between the screen and the housing disappears, and the glossy black surfaces become the same unit. When the user takes the hand-held transmitter, its display is activated automatically, as the device reacts to shaking. The clear touch interface and customised button names provide an overview of the operation of the wireless components installed in the house. Things can be selected, switched, moved and dimmed with the tap of a finger.

The Remo pro model is designed specifically for the Elsner Elektronik wireless protocol. The remote control can be used with Elsner RF devices, e.g. building control units, dimmer modules and radio motor control units.

The Remo KNX model, in turn, communicates using the KNX RF standard, and can be used for a broad variety of applications in the manufacturer-independent KNX building bus system.

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