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Legrand Offers KNX Integration For Nuvo Whole Home Audio System

Global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand has announced the integration of KNX, the worldwide communications protocol for smart home devices, into its Nuvo Player Portfolio whole home audio system products via a free firmware update.

Legrand’s whole home audio system is designed for demanding music enthusiasts for installation by professionals. All connected Nuvo Player Portfolio products will automatically implement the v4.2.0 software update to support this KNX integration. The corresponding app update for iOS and Android devices will also be available for download from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

“Our integration of the KNX protocol is very important to our dealers across Europe. It greatly multiplies the opportunities for them to recommend the Player Portfolio as a part of larger home systems,” says Desirée Webster, senior marketing communications manager, Legrand North America.

The Nuvo Player Portfolio integration of KNX is made possible via ETS programming, and in conjunction with the Nuvo KNX Interface that will serve as a versatile bridge between system components and all KNX based systems, products and functions.

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