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CONTROLtronic Shows its Living Emotions KNX Glass Touch Sensor at ISE 2017

KNX Association Stand 9-F170, ISE 2017

Innovative technology and superior design.

The unique flat touch sensor made of real glass with precisely ground edges provides innovative character in every room. A sensor detects proximity and activates the user interface. Depending on configuration, up to seven touch icons light up (dimmable and coloured according to choice). Easy to understand and self-exchangeable icons (patent pending) allow purely intuitive operation and maximum flexibility.

Extensive configurations can simply be carried out due to a user-friendly structured ETS product database without plug-in. The whole sensor is entirely powered via KNX connection. The Living Emotions KNX Glass Touch Sensor allows virtually unlimited configurations for each individual requirement from private smart homes to office buildings and up to extensive hotel and hospital applications.

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