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Smart Building Conference Lights Up The Built Environment at ISE 2017

If we say this year’s Smart Building Conference has a stellar line-up of speakers, it would be more than appropriate. This year’s theme, IoT Makes Smart Buildings Even Smarter, brings together many bright stars from industry constellations.

ISE 2015 Smart Building Conference

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is not coming: it’s already here. It’s a world-changing topic requiring some illumination– and this year’s Smart Building Conference brings together more high-level speakers on IoT than most of the IoT-only events.

Google’s CTO for Corporate Networking, Aglaia Kong, is flying in from USA to share her views about how IoT goes beyond just energy management in smart buildings. Formerly the CTO for IoT solution and VP Technology at Cisco, there are few people with better experience to de-mystify the IoT universe.

Claire Penny, Worldwide Solution Leader for IBM’s Watson IoT, will share how “cognitive IT” will bring a new level of intelligence to both smart homes and smart buildings. Watson is IBM’s technology that can think like a human…and IBM’s cognitive computing is the rising star in state-of-the-art technology, bringing together AI, Big Data and IoT.

Gabriel Wetzel leads the Internet of Things and Smart City business unit as Vice-President at Bosch Software Innovations. He’ll share with the audience “How Dig(IoT)alization is Transforming Buildings.”

Siemon’s Lee Funnell will explore what’s wrong with the current approach to smart buildings that make up the mass market, the difference between interfaced and integrated and how a different approach changes the building that is delivered.

“How The IoT Platform Creates Opportunity In Commercial, Residential & Marine” is the topic Bernhard Huessy, CEO & Co-founder of Nomos System AG will add to this star-filled agenda in Amsterdam. Based in Switzerland, he’ll be sharing the experience of 21,000 systems sold worldwide.

Voice control may become the de facto standard of the IoT-enabled home and workplace. Charlie Kindel, famous for his work at Microsoft with Windows Phone 7, Windows NT and more, is now the Director for Alexa Smart Home at Amazon. His opening of the Residential Track promises to bring more insight into voice control and the latest interface technology.

There are more speakers and impressive panelists for this one-day conference that illuminates the universe of built environment for home and office that most of us earn our living from. We’ll explore the Apple ecosystem and the new Thread standard. Top executives from Osram will bring their vision on connected lighting. A quick look at the full agenda and it is clear we can promise delegates they will no longer be confused about how the latest technology will change our business.

To bring it even closer to home, one of America’s leading AV integrators, Mark Valenti, President and CEO, The Sextant Group will talk about his experience at the cutting edge of installations. His message: the challenge of smart building is not in the technology but the process. If you want to apply what you will learn from the Smart Building Conference, you’ll not want to miss his speech.

The conference concludes with the ISE Opening Address. The world-class architect who is breaking traditional paradigms and earning honors from his peers along the way, Ole Scheeren will change the way you look at buildings. Just search his name on the internet, look at a few of his award-winning projects and you’ll see why this won’t be an ordinary talk.

The Smart Building Conference, a sister event of ISE 2017, brings together a day of technology around smart home, smart office and smart building. Its twin tracks (Commercial and Residential) focus on technology inside the building, the technology that helps occupants fulfill their smart lifestyles and smart workplaces. This one-day conference is the perfect way to get an industry overview before ISE 2017 opens.
“It’s worth the price of admission just to understand what’s hype and what’s not in IoT,” adds Bob Snyder, Content Chairman. “It’s an affordable way to make great contacts, understand the latest technology from the companies that are driving the changes, and learn how others are already applying technology like IoT in installations for home and business. After all, our business is mainly done within four walls and nothing is more important to most of us than the built environment. It’s the sky around us and this year the conference is bringing in the brightest stars to guide us.”

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