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Basalte Shows New Server and Amplifier for its Asano Multiroom Audio System at ISE 2017

The Asano multiroom audio system amplifies and distributes uncompressed hi-fi music in high- end residences all over the world, KNX-integrated or standalone. At ISE 2017, Basalte presents its S4 music server with app for iPad and iPhone, along with a new amplifier and a speaker concept.

The new S4 music server hosts 4 digital audio streams to listen to your own and streamed music. With the beautiful app and KNX-integration, you can play your music anywhere: perfectly synchronised, in crystal clear quality.

Basalte also presents M4, a new 4-zone amplifier, to create a standalone multiroom audio system with the S4 music server. Both in KNX and standalone, Asano’s decentralised setup results in an unprecedented flexibility and scalability to a virtually unlimited number of zones.

Speaker concept

At ISE 2017, Basalte also demonstrates its active speaker concept. The design is customisable, as the cabinet is available in the same quality materials as Basalte’s switches. You can also choose from a rich variety of luxury front cover fabrics, for any type of interior. Combined with top of the line drivers and integrated ICEpower ® amplification, these speakers offer a stunning listening experience!

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