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Iddero Announces Re-Designed User Interface and idderocloud Support with Version 3.0 of its Firmware and Configuration Software

Iddero just announced the public availability of version 3.0 of the Iddero firmware and configuration software.

Iddero Announces Re-Designed User Interface

New User Interface

The new firmware boasts a completely redesigned user interface, providing a fresh, clean look to the Iddero HCx-KNX touchpanel family. Also, it is now possible to use custom background images for all zones and system pages. This makes it possible to better adapt the interface to the specific requirements of each project.

A new icon set is also included, featuring more than 230 high-quality icons. These are available for both the Iddero HCx-KNX touchpanels and the Iddero Home Server.

idderocloud Support

This firmware release fully supports idderocloud – the cloud-based service for remote access to Iddero devices.

idderocloud lets users control their Iddero devices from anywhere without the need for fixed IP addresses or external dynamic DNS services, and without interfering with the home router’s configuration. The idderocloud service is provided completely free of charge.

Backwards Compatibility

The new firmware is fully backwards compatible with existing Iddero products. Users can simply download the release from the Iddero website and upgrade their Iddero devices to benefit immediately from the new features.

Download the new release:

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