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ThebenHTS Adds New Models to theRonda Range of Presence Detectors

Quite simply an all-round success

With theRonda S standard models, ThebenHTS have completed their high-performance range of the Ronda presence detectors for presence-dependent, energy-saving lighting and air-conditioning control indoors, offering a new option for medium-sized detection ranges. Furthermore, theRonda P now comes with intelligent master/master parallel switching.

The new standard version, theRonda S, is the ideal presence detector when it comes to reliable detection in smaller office rooms, side rooms with daylight, and wet rooms. However, the standard models are not far behind their big brother theRonda P in terms of functionality. Just like the models from the performance range, the new theRonda S presence detectors offer a 360º round detection area of up to 9 m in diameter. Alongside a surface-mount version, theRonda S is also available as a ceiling installation version with a reliable spring system. Once installed, theRonda S has a protection rating of IP 54, making it the ideal choice for wet rooms.

A multitude of high-performance functions ensure high sensitivity and simple operation with theRonda S: By constantly measuring the strength of the daylight in the room, the presence detector is able to switch the lighting on and off according to requirements. With the teach-in function, users can also quickly and easily establish when the detector is to come on. Sensor sensitivity, among other specifications, can be conveniently set from floor level using the remote control. With the test function, the correct setting of the detection area can even be tested in daylight. Thanks to the pulse function, the presence detectors can be easily integrated into existing electrical installations with stair light time switches or KNX binary inputs with no need for expensive changes.

theRonda P now available with intelligent master/master parallel switching

The performance version theRonda P features a 360º round detection area with a diameter of up to 24 metres and can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted with an additional back box. The devices allow you to do more than just increase the detection area via the master/slave switches. Via master/master parallel switching, the lighting conditions can be set in the detection area of individual devices independently, and thus individually. This is an advantage if, for instance, in open-plan offices, different lighting conditions are to be balanced between areas close to windows and the room’s interior. A further plus factor, the presence detector automatically detects whether a push button or switch is connected. This simplifies installation and avoids setting errors. The short stay function contributes towards increasing energy efficiency. It detects when someone is only briefly in the room and switches the light off, not after the usual 25-minute time delay initially programmed, but as early as two minutes later. In addition, thanks to a new switch-mode power supply, the standby power consumption can be reduced to less than 0.1 watts.

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