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Gira Introduces its KNX RF System

Simple cabling, easily retrofitted

Cable-based bus systems such as KNX have advantages when it comes to sophisticated solutions in building technology. One essential condition is precise planning; subsequent extensions of the system were previously complex and therefore expensive. With the Gira KNX RF system, that has changed. This means that existing systems can easily be retrofitted without walls having to be prised open. The KNX RF/TP media coupler forms the link between a wired KNX TP installation and its wireless extension with KNX RF.

For new buildings, the Gira KNX RF system is suitable whenever the structural conditions at specific locations do not allow for cable-based installation or a subsequent flexible control of the KNX installation is desired anyway. The battery-operated KNX RF push button sensors can be mounted anywhere as wall-mounted wireless transmitters where controls are required, regardless of the availability of power and bus cables. KNX RF remote controls make the control “mobile”. The corresponding KNX function can be triggered by remote control from anywhere in the house.

Gira KNX RF uses 100% of the universal KNX standard “KNX RF1. R S-Mode “; it allows access to the full functionality of the KNX system. This means that all KNX products available on the market can be seamlessly integrated into the system. Another advantage is that the KNX system with coupled wireless connection reduces the wiring effort considerably if the last routes are bridged to the KNX devices in each room wirelessly. This saves time and therefore expense. Via the KNX RF USB data interface in the form of a USB key the electrician can access a KNX installation wirelessly via radio from a PC or laptop, for addressing, programming and diagnosing via ETS. 5

KNX RF remote control: available
KNX RF push button sensors: available
KNX RF USB data interface: available
KNX RF/TP media coupler and RF repeater: available starting 04/2016

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