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Siedle Introduces Access 4.0 for IP Communications

The new Siedle Access supplies IP communication for all demands. Siedle is catering to the different requirements with two versions: Access Home represents the new simple entry into the world of IP. Access Professional meets the demands of professional IT management in complex projects.

Reduced complexity: Access Home

Access Home is becoming the new point of entry into the world of IP. The focus is on maximum possible simplicity for small and medium size applications with up to 40 users. The system simplifies installation, configuration and administration. Thanks to the preinstalled software, Access Home is quickly ready for operation. The system offers many options for digital communication, ranging from the mobile telephone app on the iPhone or iPad through to building communication. Access Home is supplied on a server in the top hat rail housing with compact embedded technology and has an efficient energy supply via Ethernet (PoE).

Supports complexity: Access Professional

Access Professional is designed especially for the requirements of IT professionals and administrators. It offers maximum flexibility. This makes it ideally suited as a network for complex, IT-based projects that integrate different systems: examples include large-scale projects with up to 320 users, several administrators and different authorization groups. Access Professional is a pure software system without a connection to any specific hardware. It is based on Windows Server and can be operated in any IT environment that meets the relevant specifications. A hardware server is available as an option. Access Professional has a KNX interface and can be connected to home automation systems, such as that from Crestron or Control4. Release 4.0 enables Access to be integrated into a virtual server environment, which offers additional failure safety when compared to a conventional hardware solution.

Shared advantages

Both Access versions are characterized by their established strengths. They can be configured centrally offer scope for flexible scalability and design together with a high level of operational and functional security. One important constituent for this is the running maintenance of the system. It goes without saying that both have a reliable door concept. The final link to the door station does not run via the IP network but via a twisted pair cable (Cat-5). Access Home and Access Professional are currently in the preparation stage.

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