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JUNG Introduces its Smart Control 7″ Operating Panel

Operate the complete variety of modern building technology via one smart panel – the new Smart Control 7″ makes it possible. Using apps, as an operating panel it takes on the control of different systems that make the home into a smart home. In this way, eNet and KNX installations can be operated with the device, but also door communication functions in connection with the Siedle Gateway run through it. Separately, or parallel if required.

The JUNG Launcher as a multi-functional user interface clearly displays all available applications and in addition offers the possibility to call them directly with a touch of the respective icon. Thanks to the open operating system, the Smart Control 7″ also allows the addition of further apps at any time.

Well-thought-out by JUNG: the Smart Control 7″ can be mounted horizontally or vertically as required. Exactly how the application and space availability demand. The panel for wall mounting is also attractive: with the elegant design bezels in aluminium or black, it looks good in any situation.

The particularly flat design of the Smart Control 7″ emphasises the overall modern impression. The design bezels are raised only around 3 mm, which underlines the effect with their lightness.

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