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JUNG Introduces its Smart Visu Server to Visualise and Operate the Smart Home

New server as the basis for mobile control

The networked house is already an important part of modern life today. The more devices are connected to the building technology, the greater it becomes in importance. With the new Smart Visu Server, JUNG introduces an intelligent solution to visualise and operate the smart home.

With the compact device for wall or mounting rail installation, it is surprisingly simple: simply call the SV Control integrated set-up interface using the web browser and set up the visualisation using an intuitive process. Operation is then via the clearly structured Smart Visu Home user interface, where the user can also make their own settings, known as actions. A further plus: as the server was designed for mobile control using smart devices, independently of the operating system, it creates more convenience and flexibility.


Visualisation made easy

Using the integrated, web-based set-up tool, SV Control, the visualisation can be quickly and cost-effectively created with the Smart Visu Server – step for step and independently of the operating system using a PC, laptop or smart devices.

The way is clear for convenient operation
The user now has a clearly structured, graphical user interface available where all KNX functions and the Philips Hue coloured light system can be controlled using a smart device. And that does not exhaust the possibilities by any means. For, beyond this, the user can create individual actions such as timed switching, if-then events or status displays.

Future-proof with modular software

The demands are increasing: the Smart Visu Server software keeps pace. With its modular architecture, it has the best prerequisites to adapt flexibly to the increasing demands of our modern way of life. This is sensible, as experience shows that there are ever more smart devices allowing a connection to the building technology in a modern household – from home entertainment to the intelligent refrigerator. JUNG has produced the Smart Visu Server with an open design for this reason, to regularly extend technology and protocols with updates and to keep it at the cutting edge. An example: the device supports the Philips Hue coloured light system from delivery. As soon as the server in the network detects a Hue Bridge with learnt devices, it can be accessed via the interface, the lamps integrated into an area and conveniently controlled.

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