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Siedle Shows its Access Video-Panel with KNX Link for Integration with Jung Building Automation

Door communication with building automation is a useful combination. And this is all the more so if both systems need only one operating panel. Cooperation between Siedle and Jung makes it possible: the Access video panel from Siedle operates the Jung automation server.

At the same time, the Access video panel remains a compact surface-mounted device optimized for communication with ideal acoustics and mechanical keys to supplement the touchscreen. In many cases, it is therefore an attractive alternative to expensive automation panels.

Simple integration, intuitive operation

Activation of the KNX functionality is simplicity itself. As soon as the administrator has activated the building automation, a new icon appears automatically on the user interface of the video panel. All the options of intelligent house control are just the touch of one fingertip away. KNX technology interlinks and controls the house and multimedia functions when required and measures energy consumption (smart meter). Functionality and user interface can be adjusted to individual needs at any time. The browser-based, platform-independent administration makes configuration very convenient.

The Access video panel is available now. Requirements are the Siedle Access system and Server Release 3.1.0. The KNX functionality is a service provided by the automation server KNX Facility Pilot REG-Server by Jung and is not a constituent part of the Access configuration.

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