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STEINEL Professional Introduces IR 180 UNIVERSAL Sensor Switches

The IR 180 UNIVERSAL 2-wire sensor switch from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL can be used for switching on all energy-efficient lamps without annoying flicker.

Existing buildings are brought up to date quickly and easily with the IR 180 UNIVERSAL infrared sensor switch. It can be installed in standard 2-wire systems, making it ideal for modernising existing electrical installations. The IR 180 UNIVERSAL features a super-capacitor and electrical isolation of the cable via a relay to prevent leakage currents. As a result, any lamp can be switched on without flickering. Coming in a completely new design, the IR 180 UNIVERSAL can be installed quickly and easily in any existing wall.

Patented 2-wire technology for interference-free power

Combining energy-saving lamps with conventional 2-wire switches often results in flickering. Using sensor technology for trouble-free, reduced power consumption has so far only been possible with standard light bulbs and halogen lamps.

The IR 180 UNIVERSAL infrared sensor switch from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL is fitted with patented 2-wire technology for installing in standard 2-wire systems. The super-capacitor energy store, which feeds the sensor switch in the event of power failure, permits perfect operation at zero-watt standby mode consumption. Electrical isolation of the cable via a relay prevents interfering leakage currents. As a result, the IR 180 UNIVERSAL can switch every lamp, making it a future-proof investment. It has an integrated button for manual override.

Intelligent light switching

The IR 180 UNIVERSAL presence switch has a high-precision 180-degree infrared sensor with an electronically adjustable reach of 20 metres for switching light as and when needed. Light is switched on fully automatically when movement is identified in the sensor’s detection zone. The light-level setting, which can be set to between 2 and 1,000 lux in just the way preferred, prevents light from being switched on unnecessarily during the day. This way, light is only ever switched on when it is actually needed. It automatically switches the light off again when it’s no longer required. The stay-ON time can be set to any period between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.

Sensor switch for 3-wire systems

With the IR 180 infrared sensor switch and the high-frequency HF 180 sensor switch, STEINEL PROFESSIONAL offers two energy-efficient solutions for easy and fast wall installation in new or existing buildings where a 3-wire system is planned or already exists.

Both presence switches are available with COM1, COM2, DALI and KNX interfaces. User-friendly functions, such as constant-lighting control and a basic light level of 10 to 50%, are available in the DALI version. In the KNX version, they also indicate temperature and air humidity levels measured.

STEINEL PROFESSIONAL gives a 5-year functional warranty on all presence switches.

The new sensor switches from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL will be available in white or silver at specialist retailers from September 2016.

Manufacturer’s recommended retail price: (plus VAT)

IR 180 UNIVERSAL from EUR 149.00
IR 180 from EUR 90.00
HF 180 from EUR 105.00

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