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Theben Announces FCA 2 KNX Fan Coil Actuator with Precise Temperature Control

With the new fan coil actuator FCA 2, Theben presents a KNX actuator for efficient heating control in the realm of KNX building automation. Thanks to proportionally controllable control valves and fan, the temperature can be increased or decreased precisely to the degree.

The new fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX from Theben is ideally suited for the use in hotel rooms, office buildings, and apartment complexes using KNX automation solutions. Proportionally controllable control valves and fans (0-10 V) ensure precise temperature control. Via the switch outputs, the fan can be controlled in three increments. Two inputs can be used for condensation monitoring and for connecting an external temperature sensor or window contact.

The Theben fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX supports 2 and 4 pipe systems and can be used universally for voltages from 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz, due to the new varying-voltage power supply. Due to the integrated, adjustable restart delay, small split units can also be controlled.

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