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ThinKnx Introduces Audiofy KNX Multiroom Audio Solution at ISE 2016

ThinKnx, a universal and multi-purpose supervisor for the building automation, announced today that it will introduce its latest products at ISE 2016 in Hall 12, Booth C92.


Combining an audio matrix with an internal network player, Audiofy can read both the common analog inputs and NAS (Network Attached Storage), web radio and any network service. A very simple and intuitive app controls Audiofy, managing audio routings and commanding the internal player (for instance creates playlists, browses trough music archives and more over). It is compatible with ThinKnx supervision system in a bidirectional way, allowing a full integration with the building: creates scenes to control lights and music at the same time just with one touch.

Micro Zwave

The Micro server with KNX port and Z-WAVE embedded, is the optimal solution for averagely easy systems, whose technology prevails over the other ones. Without having KNX and Z-Wave restrictions, it is also able to realize and control home averagely complex plants with functions of doorphone, video surveillance and control by IR. The main characteristics of the hardware are:

– Fanless embedded device designed for continuous operation
– Industrial grade storage
– Proprietary TP/EIB Knx port
– Power of 12-24 VDC – 1A Max
– Nr. 1 Ethernet port, KNX telegrams led,
– Nr. 1 Z-WAVE Internal Transceiver
– Consumption of 1 Watt.

The Supervision System has been improving continuously.

Thanks to a new restyling of the Configurator, with the new graphical interface, it is now possible to create projects even more easily and intuitively. Furtermore new integrations with third party systems such as BTicino, Hue and Lutron are now controlled through ThinKnx. A completely new plugin for smart watering will simplify irrigation in multi-zone environment, permitting the easy creation of schedule and giving an overall view of the watering status and also the new MyThinknx service, which allows to easily reach all the ThinKnx installations even when a static IP is not available.

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