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Theben Shows its Line of Meteodata 140 KNX Weather Stations at ISE 2016

Theben extends the series of the popular Meteodata 140 S KNX weather stations with additional new models with 24 V power supply and a “basic“ version without rain sensor. All weather stations feature the same compact design and the proven transparent housing, which lets the background colour shine through.

The chameleon among weather stations

Woodern facades, exposed concrete, brick, mirrored glass facades, stone or pure white – the list of potential facade types and colours is almost endless. On the other hand, there are only a few colours of weather stations. Usually, different shades of white are used. Especially on dark or wooden facades, these weather stations look a little strange. Now there is a solution which looks good, and which provides all advantages of a KNX weather station for home owners and their comfortable and energy-efficient building automation: the transparent housing of Meteodata from Theben. In contrast to weather stations with a white plastic housing, all Meteodata weather stations convince with a decisive advantage: Their transparent housing lets the background colour shine through, and the weather stations harmoniously blend with the facade. The ideal combination of function and aesthetics.

Reliable values – in all weathers

With the anemometer on the bottom of the weather station, Theben draws on a proven and reliable technology of which the benefits are obvious: The anemometer detects wind, regardless of the wind direction, and reliably measures the wind speed even in snow and ice. The capacitive rain sensor is resistant to dirt, and reliably measures rainfall. The configurable heating element avoids confusing dew for rain: Awnings and skylights are safely and reliably controlled at all times.

Light sensors and sun position tracking

The three light sensors of Meteodata 140 S KNX measure the sun position from three directions. Blinds and their slat positions can thus be variably controlled as required on eight different facades. This is supported by the automatic sun position tracking via azimuth and elevation: Blind slats or the height of roller blinds/awnings are thereby controlled according to the actual position of the sun in the sky. The temperature sensor is positioned externally on the housing, and thus delivers accurate readings.

Quick installation – easy start-up

The base with integrated bus terminal and 24 V DC connection is installed first. For Meteodata 140 basic, without rain sensor, only the connection of the bus cable is needed. Just attach the weather station – and you’re ready to go. The weather station can be started up quickly, thanks to the pre-programmed sun protection channels. Via GPS signal, the weather station with GPS module receives the exact time coordinates, which can be used to synchronise all other bus sharing units. Nice side effect: The time information can also be used for other time oriented programs of the KNX system, such as temperature profiles or the like. Apart from the time information, the precise location is transmitted via GPS. The benefit: exact sun position tracking according to azimuth and elevation. In addition to the version with GPS module, Theben also offers the weather station without GPS module.

More relaxed: Meteodata 140 S 24V KNX

Those who do not want to lay a 230 V power line to the weather station outdoors are catered for with the 24 V versions of Meteodata 140. The 4-wire line of the KNX cable with a 30 V auxiliary voltage of the KNX power unit are enough to operate the weather station. They also supply the configurable heating inside the rain sensor and the GPS module. The 24 V weather stations are available with or without GPS module.

For sun worshippers: Meteodata 140 basic KNX

For applications focussing on sun protection – e.g. in conservatories – Theben recommends the Meteodata 140 basic weather station without rain sensor. Brightness values, wind speeds, and temperature measurement are sufficient for the reliable control of blinds, slats and awnings. For the operation of the basic version, the mains voltage of 230 V or 24 v is not required. The bus line is enough.

Technical details:

• Theben Meteodata 140 S GPS KNX weather station (with GPS)
• Theben Meteodata 140 S KNX weather station (without GPS)
• Theben Meteodata 140 S 24V GPS KNX weather station (with GPS)
• Theben Meteodata 140 S 24V KNX weather station (without GPS)
• Theben Meteodata 140 basic KNX weather station (without rain sensor)

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