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Siemens Announces Desigo DXR2 Compact Room Automation Station

Room automation with high energy efficiency and comfort
Functionality and flexibility thanks to proven applications
Simple tool for efficient configuration and startup
System communication via BACnet

With the Desigo DXR2, Siemens Building Technologies is adding a compact room automation station to its product range for the automation of HVAC, lighting and shading. The Desigo DXR2 room automation stations come with configurable, tested standard applications for HVAC and electrical applications and are especially easy to commission.

The new Desigo DXR2 room automation stations automate room heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in an energy-efficient manner and without compromising comfort. Further modules can be added to control lighting and shading. System communication takes place via BACnet; field devices such as switches and sensors or the actuators for lighting and shading are connected via KNX. A simple tool (ABT Site) offers flexible configuration of application functionality as required. A configured DXR2 can be easily deployed to many rooms.

The applications were honed to perfection for energy-efficiency and comfort in Siemens’ own laboratory and comply with widely used energy efficiency standards such as EN15232 or eu.bac. Applications for controlling heated and chilled ceilings, air volumes and fan coils are included. A comprehensive library keeps additional proven applications at the ready. If desired, users can configurate the Desigo DXR2 as needed to adapt it flexibly to any requirement.

As a component of the comprehensive Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) range, the Desigo DXR2 room automation station also supports TRA energy efficiency features such as AirOptiControl and RoomOptiControl. AirOptiControl optimizes the air volume, in turn creating the basis for energy-efficient operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems. RoomOptiControl, on the other hand, detects unnecessary energy consumption in a room, and by displaying the Green Leaf indicator on the room operator unit, encourages users to save energy.

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