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KNX Association Calls for Entries to KNX Award 2016

KNX Association International is pleased to announce that applications can now be handed in for the KNX Award 2016, which will be granted at the light+building fair 2016 (on the 15th of March) in Frankfurt (Germany). The KNX Award rewards the smartest KNX projects in home and building control around the world, which stand out as regards innovation and technical progress. Applications are welcome from around the world in 5 categories: International, Publicity, Energy Efficiency, Young and Special. Deadline for submission: 20 November 2015. More info at

The KNX Award 2016 picks up on the basic principle of the craft industry. Determining factors for KNX Association to increase the chances of one’s application are not size and volume of the KNX installation, but rather

– The diversity of the included trades
– The flexibility and expandability
– The level of automatization and complexity of the installation
– The user friendliness and user acceptance
– The convincing arguments for the client
– The implementation of products from different manufacturers

Prizes and Jury

The price money in each category of the KNX Award amounts to €1000. Winners in each category will also receive the coveted KNX trophy. The jury consists of neutral experts from the KNX world and KNX Association. If necessary, KNX Association and the jury may request additional information from the participants to evaluate the projects. The awards will be granted in 5 categories: International, Publicity, Energy Efficiency, Young, and Special.

– The deadline to submit a complete set of application documents is 20 November 2015.
– The jury will evaluate the submitted material in December 2015.
– The five top nominees in each category will be informed by email after the end of the jury’s meeting.
– The KNX Awards 2016 are granted at the light+building fair in Frankfurt (on the 15th of March 2016).

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