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Eelectron Announces Availability of its New Universal Actuators and Dimmers Line

Eelectron SpA is glad to present the new universal actuators and dimmers line, now available in stock:

NEW – Universal Modules 4/8/12 OUT- 16A with manual control:

New range of Universal Actuators with manual control 4 – 8 – 12 OUT 16A now available, below you can find the references about the products models:

BO04B01KNX : Universal Module 4 OUT 16A – with manual control
BO08B01KNX : Universal Module 8 OUT 16A – with manual control
BO12B01KNX : Universal Module 12 OUT 16A – with manual control
NEW – Universal Dimmer 1 Channel 700 W – master & slave

DM01D01KNX is a KNX power dimmer 1 – channel acting as a master dimmer to which you can connect up to two slave modules (cod. DM01D01ACC) with identical characteristics to the master power dimmer and connected by a local two-wire bus.

Main features

– Up to 3 independent channels
– Regulation mode in Trailing Edge and Leading Edge
– Each channel can operate on different phases up to 230VAC – 50/60Hz
– Automatic recognition of load types

Allowed loads

· Incandescent or halogen lamps
· Ferromagnetic and electronic transformers
· Dimmable LED lamps
· Compact fluorescent lamps

Order Codes:

DM01D01KNX : Universal Dimmer 1 Channel 700 W – Master
DM01D01ACC : Universal Dimmer 1 Channel 700 W – Slave

Pricing and Availability

Products in stock in our warehouse and in UK with our partner Home Of Technologies.

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