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JUNG Offers Android-Based Smart Controls with KNX and eNet Support

New easy operation, new flexibility: The capacitative touch screen with brilliant resolution, high touch sensitivity and reaction speed – that’s what makes the operation of the new JUNG Smart Controls for wall installation stand out straight away. The open Android operation system and the JUNG Smart Launcher open up new frontiers for the user in the regulation of their smart home technology.

The open operation system and the JUNG Launcher create options

The new Smart Controls rely on the flexibility of Android for their compact operating panels for advanced building system technology. These enable control of various different building automation systems by means of apps. This way both JUNG eNet and KNX installations can be operated through one and the same device – separately or, if desired, in parallel. This opens up new application options. Additionally, with the JUNG Smart Launcher, all the available applications are clearly displayed and can be called up directly by touch on the respective icon. By virtue of the Android operation system and direct access to the Google Play Store, the new Smart Controls can be extended with additional apps at any time.

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