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JUNG Supplies New KNX RF Push-Button Sensors and Hand-Held Transmitters for the Smart Home

Hand transmitters and push button sensors for extension and retrofitting

The only worldwide standard for KNX building system technology goes one step further: with KNX RF – the KNX wireless standard that is independent of any manufacturer – existing KNX facilities can be retrofitted or simply extended with new facilities, without any drilling and chiselling work. JUNG supplies new KNX radio push-button sensors and hand held transmitters for this. They bypass any structural conditions, where no bus cables can or should be laid, at the reliable frequency of 868.3 MHz.

Jung KNX RF Push-Button Sensors

Flat and free to locate

Freely locatable with minimum installation effort: this way the especially flat wireless push-button sensors in switch design can be flexibly attached as they can easily be fixed to plaster, wood, or glass. Residents can then conveniently use the large-area keys to regulate their room functions. If desired these keys can also be laser-engraved or printed with symbols to allocate their functions using the JUNG Graphic Tool.

Remote control by hand transmitter

With a hand transmitter on the other hand, operation of the Smart Home becomes mobile as it can conveniently be taken from one room to the next. This enables the desired function to be triggered by remote control from any point in the house. Securely without any barriers. There are two versions available with a choice of two or four channels.

Easy to set up

For push button sensors such as held transmitters the addressing, parametrising and diagnosing is simply and quickly carried out through the KNX wireless USB stick or alternatively through the KNX USB data interface. The KNX unit is connected to the wireless system using a media coupler.

The KNX 1 to 4-gang wireless push-button sensors are available in diverse switch designs to match the rest of the electrical installations. The individual keys for allocating each function can also be individually labelled using the JUNG Graphic Tool.

With the KNX radio hand transmitters, mobile operation of room functions and scenarios takes place by remote control. There are two versions available with a choice of two or four channels. Status is displayed on coloured LED.

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